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Minnesota DWI and DUI lawyers and attorneys  
  Minnesota DWI Center
Minnesota DWI lawyers, Minnesota DUI lawyers
Minnesota DWI lawyers, DUI lawyers
Minnesota  DWI - DUI Defense Attorneys

What is a Minnesota DWI or a DUI?

Minnesota DWI lawyers, Minnesota DUI lawyers

People often ask what the difference is between a DWI and a DUI.  The terms terms mean the same thing and relate to drunk driving charges. 

What does it mean to get a Minnesota DWI?

A DWI remains on your record indefinitely in Minnesota.  That means forever.   A DWI on your record may preclude you from traveling to other countries, including Canada.  The fact is the decisions you make now, may affect the rest of your life.  You will never get another chance to challenge your charge.  Even a first time DWI - DUI offense may have serious consequences.  It may preclude you from finding employment.  It also may mean  skyrocketing insurance rates (sometimes $350 per month or more), fines, alcohol assessments, license revocations, plate impoundments, vehicle forfeitures and treatment costs. 

Do I need a Minnesota DWI Lawyer?

This is a common question and the fact is that many DWI cases can be dismissed or reduced. 

It is also true that DWI and DUI defense has become a very specialized area of practice.   The lawyer that you hire can make a difference in your case.  Click here to review just some of our Success Stories.

Our DWI lawyers have helped to develop new DWI defense strategies in Minnesota.  Moreover, across the nation, new defenses are constantly being developed.  As a result, our Network of DWI lawyers allows us to discuss those new challenges with national colleagues and to apply them in your DWI defense.   There are many challenges to a DWI.  It is important to note that officers must follow a detailed set of procedures where even one omission can result in case dismissal. 

Are there DWI Challenges in Minnesota?

Yes. There are many.  On this page you will find professional DWI resources including an extensive library of DWI - DUI articles relating to DWI defenses.

  • Were your  constitutional rights were violated?
  • Did the Officer have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to stop your vehicle or probable cause to seek an alcohol test or to make an arrest? The answer may not always be so clear.
  • Did the Officer follow necessary arrest procedures related to existing DWI and DWI laws?
  • Were you denied your right to counsel or a second independent breath - blood- or urine test to determine your blood alcohol content?
  • Were you read a DUI - DWI Implied Consent Advisory?  Was that DWI advisory recorded?
  • Was the test to determine blood alcohol levels properly administered?
  • Was the machinery that tested your DWI blood alcohol level properly maintained?
  • Did the prosecutor have the right to seek an enhanced DWI based on a prior DWI offense where the prior offense was in another state?

How do I get Help?

Fighting a DUI - DWI can be very complicated.  Many cases are dismissed on technicalities.  Our law firm is known for aggressive and affordable representation. Moreover, with our success rate, we receive a large number of our clients through referrals from other attorneys and professionals. Our law office will be by your side from beginning to the end and you will always be well aware of the status of your case.

Maury D. Beaulier has been featured for his victories in the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and other independent news outlets. Call 612.240.8005 for a Free Consultation.

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