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Why should you work at Adamo & Associates?
Take a look and decide for yourself. The possibilities are endless...

Small, Private, and Going Strong
We are a small, but extremely busy office. Our services are in high demand, and we want you to be part of our success.

High Profile Projects
We gain our projects through referrals, and our list of contacts keeps growing. At Adamo & Associates you will have the opportunity to work on some of the most exciting projects in the Bay Area and throughout the nation.

Competitive Compensation
We want to be leaders in our field, and we strive to ensure that we compensate our employees accordingly.

Entrepreneurial Environment
You are in charge. You lead projects. You gain the invaluable experience you have been looking for. If you haven'thad extensive experience, we have an excellent mentoring program to get you up and running.

Employee Empowerment
We give you the room to breathe that you need, but the direction and training that you are looking for. We like to give our employees a career path and lifestyle, not just a job.

Sunny Cupertino, California
Located in the heart of the beautiful Bay Area in Silicon Valley,Cupertino offers the best of all worlds in the Bay. Our office is just a short drive to San Francisco, San Jose, and even thecoastal beaches.

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